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Phumlani Mndzebele (aspiring writer, poet, agent under FLAS Swaziland.) Lucky Simelane (

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we need basically the funding , capital in short

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Two young enthusiastc gentlemen by the names of Phumlani Mndzebele who is 24 years old from Manzini Swaziland who is who completed in 2010 .i was shortlisted in the SIfE essay writing competion and due to limited spaces in tertiary institutions now an interpersonal communications agent at FLAS Swaziland headqaurters and Lucky Simelane 21 years old from Gundvwini, Swaziland who completed school in 2011 and i persued a college dimploma in HIV/AIDS MANAGEMENT at Corporate development training centre in 2013.I therefore applied for university training instituions but i was not admitted so now i am volunteer at FLAS , Manzini Swaziland

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phumlani mndzebele and lucky simelane