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Leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, communication skills , analytical skills , managerial skills, public finance and economic skills, am a team player and very resourceful, research skills , networking

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Am female, a last born of four girls born and raised in Livingstone. My father is a retired consultant and my mother is an entrepreneur, they contributed (motivating factor) towards my career path. I completed my studies at the copper belt university with a Barchelors Degree in Business Administration. Whilst at school i was in my sophomore year a tutor for Zambia institute of chattered accountants ( ZICA) coperbelt university chapter for the freshman in Mathematical Analysis and later in my fourth year I became an events coordinator for an association of BBA known as copperbelt university managers and accountancy association ( CUMAA) .
Apart from my academic achievements I also engaged in some entrepreneurial activities by selling a wide range of commodities to my fellow students from. Clothing to cosmetics, to skin care products, to perfumes, to blankets ..you name it . I sometimes called my self jack of all trade because ….. “I noticed a gap and I bridged it”
I am passionate about leadership because I always want to ensure everyone is making good use of their capabilities and resources and a humanitarian driven which motivated me during my study to conduct a research on ” poverty Reduction through socio-economic empowerment programs:Feminist perspective.” And resulted into a successful thesis. I enjoyed the known phenomenon so much that i have now decided to put what on paper into practice by taking bold baby steps through utilising of various platforms and opportunities like this one untill all is accomplished and beyond for the good of all mankind regardless of their status.

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Yafika Nkhowani