June 9, 2020 22:49

This is indeed very interesting. "For one to appreciate education , no just education but ' Quality Education' should start by first changing the mindset." This is very true and an approach that most institutions do not consider . which sectors of society are you targeting.
I would consider you engaged those kids roaming the streets and create a platform or social group were they interact with their peers and get insightful inspiration and mentors

Comment on: Green Transformation
June 9, 2020 22:38

@Leta Daniel is hard to find words to express my gratitude. I really appreciate those kind words of encouragement and will most certainly keep them in mind , and humble . thank you once more

Comment on: Green Transformation
June 9, 2020 22:24

@ Blossom Odor.... Thank you foe that eye opener and I will definitely look into it and make improvements .

The approach I have been considering was maybe to go take the practical approach then later engage the people of the community through sensitization because most people usually accept a new concept or idea on the basis of recommendations or testimonies.

Comment on: Green Transformation
June 9, 2020 22:15

@Puspa Ayu ..... Thank you very much for acknowledging the idea at hand ,am grateful
It is in order that I also reciprocate and review your idea( Am on it) . I have learned a lot and can't wait to read yours too

Comment on: Green Transformation
June 8, 2020 20:53

@Uchenna, Thank you very much I am really humble.
its a Shame that we blessed with resources and mostly the people who benefit from them are externals it is, therefore, for this reason and much more that i am always willing to expand my knowledge base.
And No, am currently not associated with any NGO but am definitely open to any opportunity in terms of sponsorship/Donations/training etc