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4 years of working in community leadership, childhood education coordinator, volunteers club coordinator, and preparing campaigns and social events

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Support and gather supporters of the idea to reach all the displaced in different countries

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A 23 years old Syrian guy, studying at the Faculty of Economics, Banking and Insurance Department. I spent the war years in Syria since I was in the ninth grade. I volunteered in several organizations and volunteer teams for 3 years. I worked as an implementer for childhood education activities and then as a content developer and leader of the team. A member of the interactive theater team in the organization itself to provide developmental ideas and awareness in an interactive way, and then I became an employer as children activities coordinator in one of the community centers in Damascus in one of the areas that received a large number of displaced people, and then coordinator of the volunteer club and the team leader in the same center while the club contains a community and displaced volunteers To provide several initiatives and study the reality of the surrounding area and provide assistance in several areas such as. (Training exercises for the development of living capacity, psychological case study for children and war-affected people, activities for children aged 5-15 years, life skills workshops for young adult and young people), and I have certainone certain trainings to serve the reality of work (management of Shelters provided by IOM – Social Marketing – Project Proposal Study – Skills of Dealing with Children and Young Children – Community Leadership – Facilitation and Management Skills Discussion)

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Yamaan Naseraldeen