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August 26, 2017 22:17

Hello shurha

I hope you are feeling fine.

Yeah, my project proposal can be useful in afghanistan. Ypharmacy will help afghan users during attack and you are tromatised , it give immediately the nearest pharmacy for drugs.

Best regards !!


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August 26, 2017 00:26

Ok.thanks you

But it is a lot of stress heinnn, sometime i want to give up. But somethings happen help me move ahead. Really thank you i appreciate

This is mine [email protected]

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August 26, 2017 00:17

Actually, now i am trying to reach a number of pharmacies for the implimentation. I think that is a hard job, because i have to travel convaince pharmacists about my app some stuff like that.because people here are dont really use technologie or don't think digital quand will be the future for their business or life. Whent you talk about atrocitie here i am little bit afraid ahahah. So, really sustainability of my projet depend of the environement where is established. I have think about many options according to my area where i'm going to operate. that is why, i ask you how the management of your pharmacy in kabul: precisely, how drugstore to communicate to them clients.
Can you acces drugs every time in drugstore even in the night?
The way you reach drugstore is it the same than oldrery and poor person make it.
Do you have any problem to find a drugstore during attack to get drugs?
Do you know that drugstore where you are going is open after the attack?
Just gust that your are astmatique, diabetique or excuse for this HIV person, can you stayed without you drugs?
My app will help you to answer all those question.
Just that there are some options which is not yet added to the application.

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August 25, 2017 22:52

Hello my friend

Hello shurha, Concerning Ypharmacy is an social-health for popuation living in the crisis area. Taking about you who living in kabul, i think it will be very helpful for you. Ypharmacy called '' why pharmacy'' try to change the position of pharmacy in time of crisis like terrorism, floods, armed conflit. Hee shurha please i will like to know a bit the pharmacy's management in your town? If it fulfill conditions i will think to help your community with it, in the better manner by accelerating the creation of my premium just for your situation. Many entrepreuneurs try to make the world better and i belong of them. Since you asked me how i get this idea, simpily during anglophone crisis in Cameroon. I send you a completly comment where i am claire about that.

Best regards

August 24, 2017 14:15

Cool. Whaoua i like your pictures. M. Uledi ducourage because your idea is looking promise, essentially for your country and far as for africa. I don't wish to breaking you because i have a suggestion. Please, before to sale it just make many tests to avoid bad consequences because interiorly each human being is different and take care of people where climat is different than yours. For instance, you are in tanzania are you sure anita mbah in nigeria can eat it or shurha in afghanistan can consume it. That was a large exemple. So, Just focus of tanzania's town to minimize bad impact of your product. I like your idea but go ahead gradually.

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August 23, 2017 14:19

According to OMS, Africa has 70% of adults and 80% of children living with HIV worldwide and has buried three-quarters of the 20 million. In 2025 according to the pneumologist called Professor Aka DanguyM, 400 millions people will die of asthma and in Africa its prevalence varies from 4 to 22%. Central African countries is reputed for armed conflicts and during that period, Africans cannot find pharmacies for their medicines. Ypharmacy is an mobile app that will allow users to geo-locate pharmacies knowing the status of pharmacies (opened, locked and on call). Our projects curb stage of crisis, so please vote for me.and implimentation of our projects can be useful in Africa as in Afganhistan.

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August 19, 2017 03:16

Hello, shurha koofi

Whaouh, you are very courageous. Whaoua, please excuse me just that for your age and what you try to do for you population i think is very amazing.
Really your project is very impessive and executable and you need a lot of support.
I will help you to get investment ou
to tag volonteer. Just go to this website below. I am camerounian so, see a girl who is thinking like that really it is snob me. Please dont forget to chech that website you will see many project competition. I am creative entrepreneur so if i get an idea ou ads to your Project, i will tell you. Ok. It was a pleasure. Sorry, give me the time to vote for you. Really ducourage suhrha take care of you. Hee surha please you check the D-prize challenge. Just type it like that on your browser. don't forget about this website, it not only for africans.

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July 18, 2017 14:05

hello,please vote Ypharmacy because ''everything is futur''. That is the slogan of Ypharmacy. i will not disappoint you. that is the third project in my might that i see it is africans with the crisis. PLEASE VOTE FOR Ypharmacy.

July 15, 2017 14:44

hello, i am also a contestant of this competition even in orange entrepreneurship competition and i like your ideas, the way you approach it. thank you to push Cameroonian's population ahead. a country can not grow without health that is paramount sector. So, i invite you on WSA young innovators entrepreneur. Please, register to this competition it will be benefit for your startup. don't worry, you are eligible to participate in order your app is already online, i am sure that you can win. The deadline it is on august 31th . Good luck!!

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July 5, 2017 16:17

hello, please vote for the innovative project in health called Ypharmacy. we all know that Africa is reputed for a lot of armed crisis, floods, terrorism, xenophobia,thus Ypharmacy is a mobile application that help population to geo-localise pharmacies konwing that is opened, closed and on call during the crises. In short, Ypharmacy is a social-health mobile application. please!! encourage that amazing idea coming from a young student in Buea,by voting for him. READ MORE IN MY ACCOUNT thank you.