Comment on: Ypharmacy
July 5, 2017 16:14

hello, please vote for the innovative project in health called Ypharmacy. we all know that Africa is reputed for a lot of armed crisis, floods, terrorism, xenophobia,thus Ypharmacy is a mobile application that help population to geo-localise pharmacies konwing that is opened, closed and on call during the crises. In short, Ypharmacy is a social-health mobile application. please!! encourage that amazing idea coming from a young student in Buea,by voting for him. READ MORE IN MY ACCOUNT thank you.

Comment on: Ypharmacy
July 5, 2017 14:42

According to OMS, Africa has 70% of adults and 80% of children living with HIV worldwide and has buried three-quarters of the 20 million. In 2025 according to the pneumologist called Professor Aka DanguyM, 400 millions people will die of asthma and in Africa its prevalence varies from 4 to 22%. Central African countries is reputed for armed conflicts and during that period, Africans cannot find pharmacies for their medicines. Ypharmacy is an mobile app that will allow users to geo-locate pharmacies knowing the status of pharmacies (opened, locked and on call). thanks you