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I am Yann Djatche Yock, 25 years old, of Cameroonian nationality. It is from my passion for agricultural entrepreneurship and the desire to contribute to the development of the continent which was growing in me little by little, that I decided to undertake after obtaining a BTS in human resources management. . In 2020 I founded my first company Smile And Compagny SARL, an agri-food company specializing in the production of spice purees which unfortunately could not take off. After this experience, I followed several certifying training and coaching courses in project development and business management, in particular the Tony Elumelu entrepreneurial program during TEF 2021, and the entrepreneurial program of the AFRO START-UP CONTEST 1ST EDITION competition at the beginning of year in which I ended up being a finalist. The various failures that I have gone through have forged the determined entrepreneur that I am today. Over time I learned to cultivate other values ​​which are rigor, research and patience. I’m still the same as before, only more motivated, determined and ready to work.

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