June 18, 2016 21:27

Great idea for rural areas' pupils. All the best brother!

June 9, 2016 06:24

Service Description:
Roadside Toilets project is committed to raise environmental awareness against environmental pollution. This will be done through free monthly leaflets which will be provided to travellers. This awareness will be spread back home to the rest communities. Having this project started up, we will ensure no personal risks vulnerability in the forests. We will reserve special chamber for cigarette smokers to save non smokers from direct disturbances. The project also will have special dustins and disposal kits for the passenger to keep their plastic particles like bottles which are always be thrown out moving vehicles hence to pollute road reserves and environments at large. Finally, the project will have some equivalent services like showers, drinking water, other takeaways snacks and selling of plastic bottles for their recycling!

Competitive Comparison:
Roadside toilets project is a new blood project service ever be launched in Tanzania. Even though, there have been so called quick food restaurants (QFR) along major highways. These restaurants serve with fast food and toilet services. The only difference is: they don't meet with environmental conservation issues. The passengers still pollute the environments through the provided services, they still throw plastic materials out of moving vehicle. And still travellers and passenger unboard down into forest for toilet services. Yet still, they are our direct competitors against our project.

June 9, 2016 04:58

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide a unique and relaxing services with regards to roadside reserves as particular and environmental conservation at large. We will strive to achieve these through: enhancing liveability in the community by improving safety journey to long distance commuters, accessibility in services in regard with gender, age and disability equity. We will also be devoted in environmental sustainability and convinience of our public toilet facilities in line with improved safe water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in closets and their compounds. Finally, we will be very mindful to the well being of our customers and staff by treating them with respect and dignity.

Guiding Principles:
Our customers and servers: we will treat both customers and servers in reaching project's goals. Servers will be provided satisfactory salaries and incentives to deliver reputable service. Customers then will have 'word of mouth' to spread for the service delivered.
Provide exemplary service: having hospitality to our customers as long as most of them are long distance travellers always tired of their journey. We will then employ servers who are qualified in hotel management
WASH: many public toilets are aging and unhealthy. We will ensure high standard management in safe water supply, sanitation and hygiene
Gender and disabilities regard: we will offer services with highly regards to disabled people having their special closets. We will also regard gender by demarcating male and female closets. This will be through directing signs to such cases.

Keys to Success:
Nature of service: we will recommend a 'repeat business' where customer who comes in once, should want to return and recommend us. This is through kind service from kind service providers.
TABOA agreement/partnership: we expect to undertake legal agreements with Tanzania Bus Owners Association (TABOA), so that buses can unboard passengers to the built toilet service spots.
Regular training programs to employees: this is to activate our service providers to deliver sound and reputable services. This will also position our project and get it well known in different forums.

June 9, 2016 04:51

Long distance travellers have tendencies of throwing particles, plastic materials and all sorts of disposal litters out of moving vehicles. These plastic materials never decompose hence pollute the environments. Nevertheless, buses carry different people with desirabilities: smokers for a example ,can pose air pollution to non smoker travellers. Again, long distance buses tend to drop off passengers along major highways for the call of nature in the forests by roads. This tendency expose passengers to forest and bushy risks following risky animals in bushes and forests.
Seen all the above problems where are both risks to humans and their environments ,we transformed the problem into opportunity solving solutions by having Roadside Toilets Services, where long distant travelers will having toilets services along the constructed modern toilets service spots along major roads.
The project will play as a move towards preventing environmental pollution that results from unhealthy and disorganised tendencies of throwing plastic materials and other particles out of moving vehicles especially buses.

The project will be constructed with other facilities and amenities like special smoking chambers, fast showers, fast laundries, mobile money services, plastic material reserves, waste treatment facilities and traveling snacks facilities. Along with the mentioned services, the project will also be responsible for free provision of environmental education to long distance passengers. This will be through monthly free environmental leaflets to be provided to travelers in buses.

June 9, 2016 04:43

Can I have your contact, brother. Here's your 3N mate.

June 9, 2016 04:42

Can I have your contact, brother. Here's your 3N mate.

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June 7, 2016 11:42

Please read my idea at and I would be happy if you support my idea with comments and votes!


June 7, 2016 11:40

Please read my idea at and I would be happy if you support my idea with comments and votes!


June 4, 2016 22:20

The idea is great! But who is going to fund it?

Comment on: MERA
June 4, 2016 22:18

Good idea comrade. Some efforts needed on competition battle!