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In the aspects of skills i have a good communication skills,I have a strategic mindset,multitasking skill and excellent skills in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. .

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I am currently in need of financial assistance to start my business, I already have a little money saved.

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What motivates me to move forward is the dream of helping create a world werein all men and women will live decent lives, supported by socially responsible enterprises. Yinde Elizabeth is a holder of Bachelor of Technology In Business Management from the Catholic University of Buea Cameroon with Suma Cum Laude, 2nd best graduating student from the department of Management.
As a student of Cuib I was able to obtain one year scholarship which was given to 10 girls in different departments , I equally completed 100 hours of voluntery services at Cuib. I participated and organized the first and second edition of Cuib Stuga leadership Academy, including the 1st and 2nd edition of JCI Cuib enterpreship academy and many other seminars including the first edition of Is the education you are getting relevant to your economy held at the University of Buea and I equally acted as Communication director, Business and Leadership coordinator while at Catholic University of Buea .
I am currently working as Office Administrator in Dubai United Arab Emirates with over 2 years working experience.

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Yinde Elizabeth

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