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My name is Yinteer Yuan, a Junior studying at Catholic Memorial High School in Boston, United States. The project idea was initially inspired by the research work that innovates the full-face and high-resolution imaging through synthesizing face rotate-render framework using only single-view photo from the real and wild life. The new imaging approach overcomes customary constraints and requirements in the multi-angle views, controlled database, paired data and supervised imaging framework, those multiple problems besetting traditional facial recognition approaches. Therefore the new imaging framework enables large-scale face recognition delivery to find ways to average business and households. Thrilled by the quantitative and qualitative changes the imaging tech innovation would bring to social growth as well as firmly convinced in the infinite prospect regarding the social, technical and economic value my research and development plan would equip to the face recognition domain, I convened 16 students that harbour the same inspiration and aspiration toward the promotion of green, safe and sustainable biological technology, taking improvement of face-rotation imaging tech as the brace-up in the design of the face recognition and security applications to initiate the project.

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