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Mac Evans Adenyo


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Project Mother Earth

The Earth's biological systems to provide resources for human needs is eroding. This project is to protect and restore the earth's capacity to support life. WE intend to make this Planet a better place, by protecting the environments so that this planet can be around for a long time, thereby allowing many souls to incarnate onto the planet for our learning experiences in order to attain our evolution or reach the Archetypal Man. We at Project Mother Earth, strongly believe that the Earth is not just a planet sitting in space, its a Living Entity and so we have to start treating it as such. Our mission is to spread the message and to make sure, that goal is attained. Our Mission is to call on everyone to be aware of their responsibilities to the Planet Earth, even if its very little to support this movement or any other movement that supports the well being of the Planet in any way they can.

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To create a platform(preferably an online platform) that showcases and markets the talents of the street child, ghetto youths, the youths that come from the slums. There are many children in the streets, underdeveloped areas and in remote areas that possess great talents but are gone unnoticed till death comes calling, the main value of this idea, is to able to showcase their talents to the entire world and if possible, market their talents for a living.- i.e. A good basketball player who lives in a village in Ghana, can through this idea(if realised) showcase his talents of how good he is with the basketball to the world, after which we hope a great team will buy them, train them and use their talents for the good of mankind.

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