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ICT Consultancy – Web/Multimedia Design and Development, Project Management; Database Management:SRH-R

I´m constantly looking for

Innovative ways to solve day to day Problems faced by Disadvatged Youth: What I require is access to a Music /video Studio/Computer Lab , Software and Intternet Connection

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Consultant in Web and Multimedia Design ; Experience in Running Poverty and Unemployment reduction programs; Experience in developing SRH-R / Peace Building programs for youth; Experience in Database and Project Management Management; I am a trained Digital Designer who has been involved in various initiatives to use ICT as a way to eradicate poverty and fight violence – Successfully assisted in the introduction of the Ghetto Game, a multi platform game aimed at conflict resolution and peace building; Popularizing WSWM curriculum on SRH among youth in informal settlements; Contributor- IT support for Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam;

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Tobias Ouma