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The raw material is natural and what we need to round up and complete our projets are:- complementary products to refine the semi-finished products(collors,products for smothing wicks,…), – packaging , small tools.

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In Burundi, poverty has increased, and the Millennium Development Goal 1, which aimed to halve the proportion of the population living in extreme poverty between 1990 and 2015, has not been reached.
Thus, in order to contribute to a sustainable development, a team of young women university entrepreneurs has carried the torch in the quest for decent employment in order to contribute to Burundi’s economic growth. We are aware that the promotion of women is linked to the creation of employment.
Our team has just been chosen to participate in a final competition “Right Award” organized by the Light University of Bujumbura which is an opportunity to make the public aware of innovation through its innovative products

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