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yusuf yahaya


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As we all know food shortage is a major problem facing mankind and if not checked can spell catastrophe for the world as we know it. with food cost increasing due to certain weather changes that make certain regions unfavorable for agriculture, most developing countries across Africa and Asia now have difficulties coping with malnutrition and extreme hunger. my vision is to establish a company to help people start up and manage their own farm in order to help them produce their own food. In a society where everyone is encouraged to go green and plant trees, i also believe people should also be encouraged to have their own farm no matter how small. My establishment will help every house hold have their own farm this could range from being as small as a garden or roof top farm to being as large as a football pitch depending on the individuals taste. Furthermore it is also a known fact that most developing countries have troubling levels of unemployment and most citizens remain unemployed. Bearing this in mind i want to establish most of the farms in developing countries so as to provide employment. the farms will create employment for people of different levels in the society such as the uneducated [ie unskilled workers] to the highly educated individuals [farm managers, microbiologists and soil scientists]. In addition to this individuals having their own farm will also help to empower youth as it may serve as a business investments and if properly managed can lead to huge profits.

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