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Trash for wealthy

The objective is to start a waste collection, recycling and educational center that will provide rare services of waste collection, recycling and education to Dar es Salam City. Since Dar es Salaam city was rated the 12th dirtiest city in the world. I turned the problem of waste up side down by simply looking at waste as a major source of personal and national income, waste is wealthy. Activities to be implemented are: 1. Waste collection:- A new innovative system that will involve waste collection house by house in every street of the city while educating residents to separate their waste so that we can pick what to recycle and what to compost or fix or donate, aiming at zero waste to be discarded. 2. Education:- Teaching the community about the importance of conserving the environment, both, economically and healthily. 3. Recycling:- making arts, decorations and home appliances by using waste. These will be sold to fund other activities and make the project sustainable. The following approaches will be used to make this idea into a reality. 1. Aliasing with the local governments y sharing the idea and request for their support to reach households in their given areas. 2. Organizing and activating for waste management campaigns in order to change the behavior of the people to stop littering and become more mindful of their purchases. 4. Creating a sustainable and efficient system that can be adopted by the government or anyone else with similar ideas of helping the society from this waste problem 5. Publishing learning materials online and creating documentaries to disseminate knowledge to people 6. Starting action oriented voluntary groups in schools and community who will advocate for changes by educating, cleaning areas and naming and shaming those who inappropriately dispose their waste.

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