Comment on: Chicken 4All Ltd
July 6, 2020 19:12

Way to go my brother. We have the same goal in mind. Sustainable farming, employment provision, health and well being. I can totally relate your idea. Keep moving forward...

July 4, 2020 17:04

The idea of poverty alleviation and Zero Hunger are among the most important SDG's. I love the idea as i myself are on the same road with you.

I love how you merge the idea with taxation. It's a very brilliant and realistic idea.

Best of luck brother.

July 4, 2020 16:53

Wow!!! This is huge man. You're really brilliant and your idea is even more. Pollution is one of the worst factor destroying our planet. You're doing quite a great job by embarking on the journey to eliminate air pollution. You deserve our gratitude. Best of luck brother.

July 4, 2020 16:35

You have a brilliant idea. Moreover, your heart is special. Being able to detect and address the needs of special children is a big and not easy task yet, you decide to partake on the journey. I wish all the luck as you really deserve it.

Comment on: Adar
July 4, 2020 16:26

This is a brilliant idea, (one of the best I've read so far). I love your spirit. There is nothing bigger than touching the lives of others. Keep up the good the good work. Only the skies would be your limit.