August 7, 2018 21:15

Hey Omid,
I think your idea is amazing as it most definitely help to save the lives of many people facing heart problems. This will in my opinion help further grow and revolutionize the health sector. My only question is do you plan to add any more features to this mobile cardiologist app in the future? Best of luck for the future!

Comment on: DocPat Helper
August 7, 2018 21:08

Hey Naman,
I think your idea is great as it will make the whole process of getting treatment less expensive and decrease the usage of paper, there by saving a few trees at least. It has a lot of potential and earnestly urge you to keep working on it. Best of luck!

August 6, 2018 12:03

Hey Kanika,

I think your idea will be very beneficial for the masses as it will help people by providing them with a skill to perform one of the most important emergency procedures of CPR. Being able to quickly handle emergencies can determine if a person lives or dies, so being trained with such a skill set will be extremely helpful.

Comment on: Save Vriksha
August 6, 2018 11:55

It is a great idea Yeshwanth, that tries to reduce the amount of wastage that we create unnecessarily in our day-to-day life. It will indeed help to save the trees, protect our ecosystems and keep our environment cleaner. I like that your idea also helps with expense tracking expenditure as that will help individuals to stay on budget.

Comment on: Water web
August 2, 2018 22:26

It is a great idea that aims at tackling energy deficit which is a huge problem being faced by many developing countries. Wish you well for your idea and its future implementation.

August 1, 2018 17:17

I feel strongly about your idea, as I also believe that there should be equality in the type and quality of education available to you regardless of the income bracket you belong too. Education very much determines the kind of jobs that will available to us to apply for. Better quality education will improve the quality of labour overall in Nigeria and help it in its path to further development. I salute you on your ambitious crusade to make the quality of education homogenous.
The only question I have is how will good and continuous stream of internet will be provided to these low income houses, to accompany your idea so it can be fully implemented.

July 31, 2018 21:37

It is a great idea that will help alot of poor people to afford to buy food, which is a necessity of life. It is not just a nobel idea, as in the long turn it will help the economy of Jordan too. As the standard of living will improve so will the citizens motivation, strength and moral. Keep up the good work and hope this idea of yours help to contribute in the eradication of world hunger in the future!