Comment on: Water web
August 9, 2018 12:01

Hi Johnathan
Thanks for commenting on my idea. Yours is a great one too. It will have a huge impact in the society. I just want to know the main source of water that is to be used for this project. Also it is going to be able to power large industries and just small business. How long does it take to construct the water web? Thank you

August 9, 2018 07:12

Hi Omid
This is a very brave concept. I would like to know what inspired you to come up with such an idea. Also I want to know if the application will be able to interpret the result of the ECG or you require a doctor to do so. Thanks
Please do comment and vote for my idea too. I would really appreciate.

July 20, 2018 18:32

This is a nice Idea. Ex convicts also deserve a chance in the society. Nobody seem to care about them. But I'm glad your project is addressing the issue. Please do check my idea too, for comments and suggestions.thanks