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I am strongly believe that we are human being are purpose driven being and created to do our mission on this beautiful planet of earth through God gifted talent, skills, attitude. Self-motivation, passion, commitments, dedication, eager to learn are the very important characteristics that define my exceptional personality Iam Zareena Qureshi. Educator, teacher trainer, entrepreneur, lifelong learner, edublogger, Social activist, researcher, Motivational speaker, Global active citizen at British council active citizenship program. Currently, undergraduate student of Education in Sukkur IBA. Currently, doing my professional degree in teacher Education at Sukkur IBA. Recently, experienced two week summer fellowship program on Economic and enterprise development at Entrepreneurship centre at National University of Singapore (NUS) in July 4th to 19th July 2015. National University of Singapore is considered among the top most university in Asia. In this exchange program & came to learn about People, politics, culture, public policy of Singapore, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, developing successful business models in the market, business plans etc. This transformational learning experiences motivates my interest towards developing social enterprise at my Institution IBA by establishing entrepreneurship centre. As student in undergraduate program in Department of Education and training provided me exploration and a remarkable unique qualities, abilities and provided a platform to think outside the box, to implement my innovative ideas provided me a life transforming chance to represent Pakistan at international as well as global context. Now considered one of best alumni at National university of Singapore (NUS) at Entrepreneurship centre by showing remarkable performance in business plan competition and won first prize at global level at NUS, doing my teaching practices at IBA community Schools & IBA Public School and engage my students to follow their passion, curiosity, passion to enjoy the process of learning , to make them able to ask open ended question beyond their textbook, to enable them to think outside the box, am very active in Sukkur IBA student societies activities in organizing, engaging, leading different clubs society at Sukkur IBA such as Mathematics Club society, Alumni Society, Education Society Furthermore As in community development programs. I am active leading in different Educational project such as AAO parhao education initiative, let’s build school initiative in my community. Moreover, I am also in membership with British council Pakistan in one year collaboration in digital library membership.

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Zareena Qureshi