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I am a 24 year old Indian entrepreneur who eats, breathes and lives sports. Having founded my own sports management firm, Sprinter Sports, it is my dream to make a positive change in the world through the medium of sports. Sport has had a major role to play in shaping my life and personality. From a shy kid who would get highly uncomfortable around people, to today running her own firm which depends on communication for its survival, I believe I have come a long way in life only because of my sport. I have been a competitive athlete for 12 years, having represented my state (Maharashtra) and University (Mumbai University) at the National level for 7 consecutive years. I believe that sport has the power to transform our personalities and that if channeled in the right direction, change the world! My passion to bring about a positive contribution to society compelled me to become a leader at The Candle Project, a youth initiative in Mumbai providing education to underprivileged children. During my time here, I have come face to face with a number of realities. These have instilled in me the conviction that if I want to see the change, then I must be the instrument of that change. I have been fortunate to be born and brought up in a middle class family that has always strived to provide me with the best in life. As grateful as I am for the wonderful life that I have been blessed with, I will only see the real value of these things when they can be shared with those less fortunate. And there is nothing more I would want than to see every child from the age of 4 years have the opportunity to bring sport into her life.

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Holistic Development In Mumbai Through Sport

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is the civic body that administers the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is the richest municipal corporation in India. It runs a total of 1,185 primary schools in Mumbai catering to approx. 450,000 students. The objective of my idea is to raise the standard of education in these schools, providing equal opportunities to the economically backward sections of society. We aim to do this by empowering the youth from the grassroots level through the medium of sports. Through this, we also hope to optimally utilize available infrastructure, tap existing talent and potential, and nurture the same thereby narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor. The idea is to develop a structured physical education curriculum for BMC schools and offer it as a compulsory subject to the students at the primary level. These schools cater to children from extremely impoverished, socially and economically backward backgrounds. At the tender age of 5 years, these children are already exposed to traumatic experiences at home, cruel surroundings, unhealthy practices and violent behaviours. This sort of exposure moulds them into disturbed individuals, prone to unlawful activities and aggressive dispositions. It is a scientifically established fact that Sports strengthens human relationships because people play together. It contributes to greater human performance, better quality of life and increased productivity. Sports education in BMC schools should have a humanistic approach, meet the needs of participants, understand the role of physical activity in human performance and enhance the quality of life. Sport has been credited with teaching values of sportsmanship and fair play to participants, developing a sense of community and cohesion, helping to reduce dropout rates and giving the underprivileged access to higher education. All of these characteristics are imperative to the holistic development of children coming from economically backward environments.

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