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Repackaging An Household Drink In Nigeria (Zobo Drink)

Let's not forget many of our love ones we have lost due to High blood pressure,high cholesterol level because of there addiction to lager beer,some times when you ask them why can't they stop it,they tell you is natural.But Zobo drink can satisfy this natural taste but in the process reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol(Durham et al,2011) level,it is also free of caffeine which removes the addiction. this is a drink that already has a market and marketable,but the growth is being retarded because the processing in Nigeria is Unhygienic and it is not bottled in a can properly.which should not also forget in a hurry the job and food insecurity that as bedeviled our country Nigeria which is now a major threat.This business idea would not only produce safe and healthy drink,It would also reduce disease risks and a means to empower the youth and women.

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