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I am Xu Zekai, a teenager passionate on classical music and good at playing the piano. I realize to work out the dynamics and trend of the music industry, it is essential to accept the idea that the music industry is not limited to one entity, but the complex of a series of different and related areas of industries. The overall music industry depends on the creation and exploitation of music-based intellectual properties. Composers and songwriters create songs, lyrics, and associated arrangements that are then performed live on stage, recorded and distributed to consumers, or licensed for some other kind of use, for instance sheet music or as background music for other media (advertising, television, etc.).

After related study and survey, I found that the digital music player is gradually taking place of paper scores, given its evident benefits in the respect of portable, environmental, sustainable and practical features, free from loss or disrepair. Open source music players allow you access and play locally stored music or in some cases from the cloud too. In some music players, you can also listen to online radio stations and podcasts. Using these audio players, the user can not only play music but also organize your music collection.

It’s no wonder that varied music players like MusicBee, AIMP and MediaMonkey have become indispensable escort of every modern citizen especially in the remote world nowadays that relies on smart phones and computers to keep connection and fend off outwards distraction and worries. Indeed, high-quality music transmitter shelters the player, the singer and the listener in a secure, tranquil and sensible mind set. Our smart and real-time product is definitely playing the role to redefine the quality and sustainability of music players.

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