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Žiga Strmšek


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Our idea is to offer customers an ability to grow plants indoors and thus reduce strain on the surrounding infrastructure and enable users to grow their own food. In order to achieve that we developed OwnGrow personalised, autonomous, easy to use and innovative growth cabinet. OwnGrow is relatively small (smaller models the size of dishwasher, larger ones the size of a larger refrigerator) and compact (it offers high yield per space used). In order to grow plants OwnGrow utilises deep water hydroponics with circulating medium coupled with artificial lighting, automatic pH, temperature, aeration and medium composition and discharge regulation. Thus OwnGrow is taking care of most parameters user only has to harvest ripe plants, insert new cartages with seeds and refill stock solutions when needed. Because OwnGrow grows plants indoors we can manipulate vegetation periods and light cycles, so plants grow faster, all year around and are healthier with no need for pesticides and other harmful chemicals. So far we have produced our first working prototype with medium aeration and circulation. Our next steps are going to include medium optimisation, artificial lighting and digitalisation of automatic regulation of medium, lighting and aeration. Once we have all components working we will focus on product exterior and will even further improve user friendliness.

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