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Kwaku Dodzi ZUH


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Software engineering

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Holder of a degree in Industrial Data Processing Engineering at Fez, Morocco, I had the opportunity to work on software development projects, the most recent of which are: a tax declaration software (JIBAYA Expert) in Morocco in a team I managed for four years (January 13, 2013 to December 20, 2016) and a project for digitalization and distribution of digital educational books in Africa (Best Digital Books) based in Togo. Eight years of experience in the field of software engineering, with managerial skills acquired during my career. I want to contribute in building new models of digitizing our companies and daily activities that will make the existing African traditional models obsolete. Because I think the best way to change the African traditional models that are delaying the continent, is not fighting them, but creating new ones that will progressively replace those old models.