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New Challenges, New Innovations

Entrepreneurship Campus

The concept of innovation consists of a combination of knowledge and skills that are used together to create new solutions. It is necessary to mention that innovation is not only driven by technology. On the contrary, it is driven and applied in numerous sectors such as business, leadership, and social change.

Nowadays, not all countries are able to create the right environment that encourages a thriving innovation ecosystem. Some rank as the most creative places on earth, while others struggle to be more innovative. Therefore, it is crucial to support innovation in developing countries.

Technology is becoming widespread almost everywhere in the world and it has the potential to improve the lives of millions when used in a smart way. It is necessary to focus on the role of technology as a tool that can promote intellectual empowerment and education.

Education is a key success factor among the countries that excel in innovativeness indexes. High education standards among men and women, creativity in education, and much more.
Schools and teachers that nurture creativity help to provide a breeding ground for innovation.

How are creativity and Innovation related?


Creativity is the element that brings novelties to social and cultural evolution. Yet, it is not necessary that everyone comes up with a genius idea or solution.

Depending on the circumstances, many people can decide to adopt a given solution and implement it in their own environment, city, or community.
Hence, an innovative idea generated through a process fueled by creativity might solve one problem, but at the same time, create another one.

What does this mean?
Nowadays, we are aware that the world we are living is based on two central systems, economy and environment. Currently, some of the main challenges that people all over the world are facing are related to inclusive economic growth, poverty eradication, access to clean water, energy, quality education, resource scarcity, and environmental destruction.

Based on the 2030 Agenda, our future will depend on the way how we try to solve these and more problems now. How are we going to use innovative solutions to tackle all these issues?

Based on these needs, visionary people approach innovative solutions in a way that solves many issues at the same time, without creating new ones. Innovate with the principle of sustainability on the mind.

If you already have a great idea or project focused on social change that combines innovation, entrepreneurship through a sustainable approach, the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition will help you develop your idea into a real business or social enterprise.

Find out what entrepreneurial life feels like. This can be your first test to become a changemaker.

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  1. It is very true that it is hard to support innovative ideas in developing countries because technology goes hand in hand with innovation as u have said and the reason why it’s hard to implement innovative ideas in developing countries it’s because technology is not in advanced stage due to poor quality of education.
    Education plays a crucial role in development so for I for one being from developing country,i think the best way to tackle future challenges through innovative ideas,we need to address the issue of poor education in developing countries so that we will be able to deal with any challenge through innovations.

  2. The real problem with most businesses in africa is actually sustainability. With creativity and innovative approaches to business it’s obvious they will go outlive their owners.

  3. Vote my idea guys “THE PITCHING APP”

  4. Thanks again for the platform. I am of the belief that i am on a path to a great business experience and Social change.

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