Opportunity: Youth to Talk Climate Change at COY14

Are you a young person aiming to improve the role of youth in climate action? If you are involved or you want to become involved in efforts to combine climate change, COY14 may be the right opportunity for you.
At the turn of November and December, young people from all over the world will travel to Katowice, Poland, to talk about climate change. All in the framework of the fourteenth edition of the Global Conference of Youth (COY14) preceding the UN Climate Summit in December.
COY14 is a meeting of young people involved in environmental and climate change issues. From 29 November to 1 December, nearly 2,000 participants aged 15-35 will take part in meetings, workshops, and debates to discuss pressing issues and prospects for conserving the natural resources of our planet.
“The main organizer of COY14 is the University of Silesia, which will not only provide a place on the campus to host the event, but also accommodation for the participants,” COP24 says on its website.
The participants of the UN climate summit, the so-called COP (Conference of the Parties), which this year will be held in Katowice on 3-14 December, will be able to discuss the conclusions from the youth conference.
Registration for the event is possible until November 22nd on the website
More information available HERE

Photo Credit: COY14

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  1. Nice one I hope to be part of this gathering. However do vote for my idea “THE PITCHING APP” click on my name and vote for my idea guys.thanks

  2. I missed. That was a great opportunity

  3. Once more thank you for linking members to other opportunities. This is great campus administrator

  4. That was a great opportunity. Thank you campus admin for always sharing these opportunities

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