People’s Choice Award Winners 2013/2014 Announced!

We are pleased to announce the People’s Choice Award Winners 2013/2014:

Best Ideas Category: Nannies for Grannies
Best Projects Category: Yoddhas – The Warriors – Fight Against Cancer

Congratulations to the People’s Choice Award Winners!


We are also pleased to announce some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition first year 2013/2014 as of 1 August 2014:

  • Number of Competition webpage views: 1.545.502
  • Number of website visitors of the Competition: 614.218
  • Number of courses taken at the Entrepreneurship Campus: 88.183
  • Number of visitors who registered at the Entrepreneurship Campus: 8.063
  • Number of nominated entries: 748
  • Number of  Comments for the ideas and projects:  1.481
  • Total number of votes for ideas and projects: 407.539



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  1. Mitul Kansal

    19.08.2014 · Reply

    Heartiest congratulations to the winners !
    Waiting for the announcement of 10 Finalists in each category.

  2. rachita kansal

    19.08.2014 · Reply

    My heartiest congratulations to both winners !

    I think that there should be more People’s Choice Awards for participants in each category.Besides, one main prize, i think it is needed to introduce 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes in each category , your this step will encourage the other youth to take part in the competition actively.Hoping a positive response from your behalf !

  3. Thanks a ton to the “Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition” team at for the great honor and recognition. The training and guidance has further motivated us to work harder to make a difference to the people battling around us.

  4. somasekhar

    21.08.2014 · Reply

    My heartiest congratulations to both winners !

    yaa im agreeing with rachita. you should take top20 from each category for finals so,the world will get most best idea.

  5. Müller Nandou

    21.08.2014 · Reply

    Big Big, it’s amazing to know that more than one million of people visited the official web page.Congratulation to all the team of YOUTH CITIZEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPETITION, the Partners GOI PEACE FOUNDATION, STIFTUNG ENTREPRENEURSHIP, with the prietiest institutional support of UNESCO and the others partners. GOD bless you all and also all the participants from all over the world. BIG BIG THANKS

  6. Hi Rahul
    Thanks for putting into fruition this dream. Like democracy I feel health to has to be
    For the people, Of the people and By the people.
    May god give you the luck and breaks to carry this mission onwards. Coming from a resource constrained setting . This effort can be a beacon to the group and needs emulation

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