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Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2021

Pre-Registrations were open until March 31. Now that the competition has started you can Register here.

As every year we’re looking forward to empowering new entrepreneurs and supporting projects around the world in 2021. We would be happy for you to be a part of our Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. Enter your info here to register (completely free) now! The process is easy and won’t take long.

We look forward to you and your great ideas and projects in 2021!

Image: 3d illustration artwork by Alzea is licensed under CC BY 4.0


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Neema Mti Tanzania
Nawrath Minda India
Chloe Huang United States
Elisa Konomi Albania
Louison Mbombo Brazil
Abdisa Bencha Jara Ethiopia
Lateef Ibrahim Nigeria
Shuhra Koofi Afghanistan
Iman Hadi Iran
Ghislain Takam Cameroon
Sokchamreun Peou Cambodia
Faith Muange Kenya
Olorunfemi Dayo Nigeria
Teona Dalakishvili Georgia