SCC Spreads the Word about 2018 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

Social Change Central

We are happy that Social Change Central, Australia’s first dedicated online hub for social enterprises, is spreading the word about the 2018th edition of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. SCC features all the latest opportunities for aspiring social entrepreneurs and people passionate about social progress. Moreover, it encourages and connects such enterprises with available opportunities in Australia and beyond like the Entrepreneurship Campus.
The Entrepreneurship Campus consists of a global community of young people that share a common vision for social progress. Despite their different locations, contexts, and circumstances the members of the Entrepreneurship Campus are decided to bring social change. They try to achieve it through their ideas and entrepreneurial projects in various sectors such as education, agriculture, environment, innovation and industry, water management, etc.
Thanks to the free training lessons, the members of our community learn positive approaches to social change through entrepreneurial skills. Afterward, they implement their knowledge in concrete ideas and projects that benefit their communities and even other beneficiaries.
If you want to be part of this great experience, join the Entrepreneurship Campus, take the lessons and submit an innovative idea that can really help the people around you.

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  1. This is definitely a platform where all youths around the world should actively involve in to talk about different ideas and projects that can be implemented around the different areas of the world to help achieve economic and social change not only that but every campus member need to start inviting their friends and family and also be a voice in universities for everyone to join. What we should all aim for is a stable, peaceful and wonderful world that stands for the well-being of humanity.

  2. Fact.i definitely do wish for a world like this our campus community where we share life changing and world transforming would be best to see it happen.

  3. Wao! Thank you “Social Change Central”, Australia’s for creating visibility for this amazing platform. To all of us reading and in this campus, we can also do the same.

  4. I really understand what the importance of this platform now and I appreciate everyone, institutions and bodies assisting in creating visibility for the Youth citizen entrepreneurship compegtition.

    This is an amazing gesture from social change central.
    Thank you campus administrator for sharing

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