September 30 Deadline is Fast Approaching: Don’t Miss It

Dear contestants of the 2021 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition,
This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting an initial entry and have it approved and nominated for the competition is on September 30.

Please, pay attention if you:
have saved an entry as a draft but have not submitted it yet for approval;
had your idea/project approved for the second stage of the competition;
plan to join this edition of the CEC
You must complete your final application before the deadline, 30 September, 23:59 (GMT+2) Berlin time.

An entry must for through two stages of approval to get nominated for the competition, thus be eligible for the public votes and comments.
In the first stage, you fill a short form that requires the idea/project title, a summary, and one or two related goals from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
When you are ready to submit your idea for approval, click the Submit button.
You will receive an email notification on the status of your application over the next 24hours.
The email will guide you on what to do next, depending on the idea assessment decision.

Note: If your idea has been rejected, you will be provided a reason why. That means that you are still eligible for the competition and that you can submit again after making the suggested improvement.

If your initial entry is accepted, you will be eligible for the second stage of the competition. In that stage, you will be able to explain your idea in detail, its impact on sustainable development, implementation plans, talk about yourself, or add a short video and images.

Afterward, you can complete your final application and submit it for review.

Please, note that ideas must go through this approval process to be nominated for the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, thus be eligible for public votes and comments in the respective Youth Competition and Adult Competition.
Make sure to complete your application by September 30th

Also, the deadline for votes and comments is on November 1.
Thank you, everyone and we are looking forward to your great ideas and projects!
Good Luck!

The Entrepreneurship Campus Team

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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  1. mutagubya elias

    29.09.2021 · Reply

    Am ready and good to go. God bless my plans to uplift ourselves from the purported African curse.

  2. mutagubya elias

    29.09.2021 · Reply

    Thanking you heart deepest for such intervention unbound like CEC. THANKS

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