Start Your Personal Sustainability 30-Day Challenge


You can build sustainably focused new habits and try a new challenge every month for a year. You’ll be surprised how much your life will change. Make a personal commitment, set a goal and achieve it. You often do it for self-improvement. Now, you can do it for social improvement.

Wise use of natural resources

  • Use less water
  • Harvest rainwater to water your plants.
  • Take shorter showers and turn off the water while you are washing dishes, shaving, or brushing your teeth.
  • Make sure all faucets are not leaking.
  • Use researchable batteries
  • Use energy-saving bulbs
  • One month buy nothing new, think about the stuff you buy from where it comes and where it ends

Effective protection of the environment, going zero waste

  • Don’t use your car for a month
  • Don’t use straws for a month
  • Use reusable bottles and bags
  • Recycle everything you can
  • Bring your own cup to the coffee shop
  • Use wood or bamboo instead of plastic items
  • Use natural cleaners instead of chemicals
  • Wash clothes in cold water or by hand
  • Use cloth napkins and handkerchiefs
  • Repair what you can
  • Compost organic matter
  • Reuse plastic bags
  • Don’t print paper

Social progress and recognize the needs of everyone

  • Abstain from something you like, save the money and donate it to people in need
  • Come up with an App idea every day
  • Write down at least one idea every day for 30 days
  • Don’t complain for 30 days in a row, if you do, restart your day count
  • Volunteer at a local center
  • Start an art project
  • Donate at least 10 books
  • Buy local for a month
  • Start a community garden

The challenge process

  • Identify why you want to do it
  • Set your own pace
  • Be consistent

When it comes to the Sustainable Development Goals, there a finish line that we all want to reach. 2030 is 12 years away, but each day that we don’t take action is a day more for people in poverty, for children out of schools, marine habitat destruction and much more. Take responsibility for your daily action and latter you can take action for your community.

Become a social entrepreneur

Economic and social objectives are strongly related to each other and entrepreneurial skills can further improve productivity and innovation. Learning enriches our lives. We enjoy the pleasure of gaining more knowledge, but we feel better when we can use this knowledge in service to other people in our community. We can help our friends, relatives, and others to improve their lives and provide solutions to the challenges they may face. Social entrepreneurship helps to empower women, people living in poverty or disadvantaged areas, and to mitigate global challenges. You can help with your ideas and projects. The Entrepreneurship Campus free training lessons help you pave the way toward success. Don’t hesitate to become part of the 2018 edition of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

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  1. Very effective and efficient ideas for sustainable development

  2. These ideas for sustainable development are very effective and efficient in an entrepreneurs life like me

  3. These are really powerful and great ideas that will shape us to become more responsible better citizens. Becoming a social entrepreneur is very vital and has so many advantages such as:-
    1. It connects you to your life purpose and makes you a better person who sees the world in a different way.
    2. It keeps you motivated because you’re fighting for a cause that will help your society.
    3. It brings you lasting happiness.
    4. It helps you help others discover their life purpose
    5. It is what today’s consumers want.

    We should focus more on finding solutions that affect our society and then money will come as a compliment. We need to stand up for humanity

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