The 2020 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Launched

Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

Dear citizen-innovators,

We are happy to announce the launch of the 2020 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.
This is our global call to reach disruptive changemakers across industries and sectors that are excited to address problems, to deliver real change, and take steps towards sustainable development in and after a time of crisis.

The Entrepreneurship Campus and the organizers of the 2020 CEC invite people from the age of 13 and above, who are involved with or want to take an innovative approach towards solutions that fuel on social entrepreneurship and champion the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to join our global challenge.

Individuals, startups, entrepreneurs, from all over the world who have a groundbreaking idea or a ready-to-implement solution are welcomed to be part of this challenge.
You don’t need to have a business plan, an initial idea is enough to get started in the path of social entrepreneurship.

If you are between 13 and 29 years old, please submit your idea and/or project in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship category.
If you are 30+ you can submit your idea and/or project to the Adult Citizen Entrepreneurship category.
You can submit an entry until 30 September, while the voting starts on 6 July. Hence, the sooner you join, the more time you’ll have to improve and promote your entry.

By joining the 2020 CEC you will have the opportunity to be part of a large global online community of creative and motivating people, unique networking of interactions. You can share your ideas and projects with an audience of likeminded people that are here not to say who has the best idea, but to help turn every idea into a better solution.
You can take advantage of learning from our entrepreneurial training and from the experience of our community members.
Join the Campus as an individual or a team, stay connected, get knowledge and expertise support and cultivate the skills for an entrepreneurial mindset, communication, collaboration, opportunity recognition, team building, and future orientation.

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition promotes quality lifelong learning in the frame of the Education 2030 Framework for Action through its online learning courses. The Brains versus Capital’ and the Sustainable Entrepreneurship courses are free for anyone that needs access to entrepreneurial education. You can share what you learn with other people in remote and disadvantaged areas.
If you don’t have an idea yet, but you want to help with the economic recovery of your community, you can take the courses even if you’re not ready for the CEC challenge. Afterward, you’ll be ready to join our competition in the respective category.

Getting through a time of crisis that affected the entire world, yet at different local contexts, calls for everyone to be able to contribute and build a more collaborative economy. The COVID-19 is a turning point in human history and at the same time, it can be your clear window of opportunity to get involved in creating a more inclusive and sustainable society.

We are looking forward to your great ideas and projects,

The Entrepreneurship Campus Team!

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    05.05.2020 · Reply

    Dear Sir,

    This is really a good platform to showcase and learn from others to achieve the goal. My goal to creat green or natural revolution by using natural resources from every corner from our country with an affordable way. So that people will get benifit from every angle to full feel their lives. I’m working on this way. Thank you
    Jawed Khan

  2. Muganga Mnubi

    05.05.2020 · Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful platform, my name is Muganga Mnubi based in Arusha, Tanzania. My idea is to start a Youth Dream Hub Center where youths will be facilitated to unlock their potentials through Capacity building programs on Life skills, entrepreneurship skills, business management and innovation skills on how to address different challenges affecting them and their communities. Youths will be facilitated with a matching seed capital to start their own projects, the capital will be fund-raised locally and from interested development partners. Youth Dream Hub Center (YDHC) aim to be a place where youths’ untapped potentials will be unlocked while their dreams becoming a reality.

    • Thank you, Muganda. We hope that the competition helps you learn how to turn your idea into reality.
      Good luck!

  3. I feel great and sound for the campus team 2020 for their articles to bring the warp world into resilient and lack of fear

  4. Dr.Sumant Kulshreshtha

    06.05.2020 · Reply

    I will be happy to be part of this great initiative

  5. Everyone just saying youth youth . But in current youth are distract from their life goal .they want easy penny for popular , frame, money etc . Me too
    And my idea
    Can we change education system so that all the student are not qualified for their marks but their capability and potential . Because the root of innovation are indirectly connected with learner capability . If he /she is good in other skills.then school nd college should appreciate it and try to help them so that learner as well as teacher as find doing thing in better ways
    RINKu yadav

  6. The platform is very rich for our sustainable journey

  7. This platform wants all innovators to come out and show their talents

  8. I still have no idea but I am interested to learn and join.


    07.05.2020 · Reply

    Dear sir,my project is about to develop the tribal area peoples in the way of livelihood and economically. In the rural area there is no society for saving the milk. So the calf itself taking the milk from the cow. So the people can’t get development in their life. If we start a society for saving the milk and sell it means we can also make a profit and that rural people also get a benefit to start their life in good way. And the transportation also good in that area if the people get the milk from their places to the society means the milk will not be waste. And they will be economically get balanced and socially they will be good at society.

  10. Hriday Jyoti Ojha

    08.05.2020 · Reply

    Let’s make this world a better place

  11. Arun Isravel

    08.05.2020 · Reply

    It’s the good platform to show our talents and learn new business opportunities. Great move, definitely we will see great entrepreneurs upcoming years. Thanks for sharing this opportunity for me. I will show my innovative ideas to the world.

    My sincere gratitude to the Team…

    Arun Isravel

  12. Through this platform ..things will change for good for my myself and for every person out there

  13. Sir,I really wanna join.But I don’t know what skills are needed to be a part of a team.But I don’t want to pass this opportunity.I will try my best.Towards the better future…

  14. Haniye

    28.05.2020 · Reply

    Hello. Thank you for this contest and the opportunity you give us. My idea to help the world economy is a mobile gas station. Such people do not waste their time and money to go to the gas station.
    You can even produce cars whose fuel is water! But these are just ideas, and I don’t know how to solve them.

  15. Respected Sir, is this platform only for business/enterprunership ideas or any other ideas and approaches that has the potential to promote peace and harmony in the world is also acceptable?

    • Hello Roba, the platform promotes entrepreneurial education, sustainable entrepreneurship, and solutions to get people engaged in achieving the SDG and promoting peace.

  16. David

    31.05.2020 · Reply

    This is a very nice competition and I wish to take part in it. However, may I know what are the nationalities that are credible to enter the contest? I am a Cambodian and I wasn’t able to register because it says “location cannot be found” in the country section.

    • Hello David, the competition is open to all nationalities. When you enter the location, please pick one of the suggestions that appear below the location field. if the issue persists, kindly send us an email at [email protected]

  17. Jhalak Mall

    01.06.2020 · Reply

    Education is the only opportunity from which we can secure our future. But quality education is expensive and not everyone is capable to fulfill the dre of being educated. So my idea is to open up a school which accepts plastic as fees so kids will be able to collect plastic bottles and reduce plastic pollution. This will lead to educated minds increasing sustainable development.

  18. Neel Brahma

    02.06.2020 · Reply

    This is a great opportunity for eveyone and all should be participating in this.People should grab this opportunity well to succeed in future themselves and also to take their country on the peak.At this situation of the pandemic this is a great initiative .

  19. Neel Brahma

    02.06.2020 · Reply

    This is a great opportunity for eveyone and all should be participating in this.People should grab this opportunity well to succeed in future themselves and also to take their country on the peak.At this situation of the pandemic this is a great initiative .Thanks for this immense pleasure.

  20. Patrick U. Petit

    05.06.2020 · Reply

    Dear Participants of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition!

    You are so much talented and skilled, enthusiastic and fantastic!

    You are true leaders and makers of change in a way that inspires the online community on the Entrepreneurship Campus and in your communities at home whereever you are living!

    Thank you so much for being YOU!

    Enjoy the Entrepreneurship Campus and the Competition as well!

    With gratitude and warm regards,

    Patrick U. Petit

  21. Erin

    10.06.2020 · Reply


    What the procedures should I do? Where is the idea send?

    Thank you

  22. Ssembatya Hassan

    18.06.2020 · Reply

    Could we form a WhatsApp group where we can lively share our ideas whether for or not for the competition.
    If it does exist, shall be glad to be added via +256775235301.
    Thank you

  23. Taniah Chifumuro

    20.07.2020 · Reply

    My name is Taniah Chifumuro. I am glad to be granted such an opportunity to voice my idea. My idea is to raise awareness against racism across the whole globe and by this we can just introduce workshops for youths all around the world whether by use of social media or by having camps just for interaction and help everyone to learn more about humanity.

  24. Anonymous

    03.08.2020 · Reply

    Hello members!

  25. Anonymous

    04.08.2020 · Reply

    This is a very helpful platform
    I hope you all enjoy it

  26. Mysha Fahmida

    05.08.2020 · Reply

    This is really a good platform for the young dreamers,thank you for taking such a great initiative. My question is,can I submit ideas focused on 2 or 3 SDG goals?

    • Hello Mysha,
      Thank you!
      You can submit ideas that can contribute to various SDGs, but at the list, you can select one or two SDGs that you consider the most important.

  27. Thank you Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition for the opportunity granted to me with the launching of 2020 campus competition. If it was not lauch the knoledge I have today, may have been lacking. Thank you all.

  28. this is another milestone reach by the campus competition. Keep soaring in your good works YCEC

  29. Karan kumar

    24.09.2020 · Reply

    With due respect , Good morning from India, My idea is basically realted from tourism. My idea is ,I want to take foreigners to a world where they can experience a different culture of India , ancient India ,Indian villages. I want to experience them how can a man live with minimum resources with happiness and many more.

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