The Importance of a Single Day in YCEC

Now, we are going to make an attempt to define time but without the use of philosophical concepts, science, math, calculations, or physics. Let’s leave all these to scientists, who have been haunted by the idea of defining time for centuries.

We’re gone do it in a simpler way. Time can be regarded in two different versions.

A sequence or period between two different events.

A moment.

Given that two of the most important milestones of our competition, the deadline for entries and the deadline for voting and commenting, are approaching, we are going to explain the two above-mentioned definitions in terms related to the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

Today is June 14. We are 47 days away from July 31, which is the deadline for entries. This means that ideas and projects can’t be submitted after July 31. 47 days seem to be enough but here comes the other major milestone: August 31, or the deadline for voting.

The more you wait for submitting your entry, the less time at your disposal for promoting the idea and project.  Now, we are 78 days away from the deadline for voting and commenting.


If you have a draft idea or project, don’t hesitate to submit it for approval. You can add a lot more details during the second stage of the competition. Meanwhile, if your idea has been approved for the second stage, make the last changes and submit. Only entries accepted on the second stage can be public and open for voting and commenting, in the best ideas 2017 and best projects 2017.

With the help of the other members of the community, their recommendations and suggestions, you can improve your entry. Every single day can bring you important support from the Campus members and your friends. All these and your activity can make you one of the finalists of YCEC 2017 and here comes the definition of a moment.

It can be the instant when you’re going to find yourself among the other winners that will be announced at the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin.

You must seize the day, each of the 78 remaining days till the voting deadline, in order to turn your ideas and projects into reality.

You can find all the latest information about YCEC 2017 on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Best of Luck!

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

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  1. I m enjoying this iniciative hope to be one of the winners :) Good luck for me !

  2. Wow! Perfect definition for time…. A New perspective entirely. Hope to be a partake of the “moment” experience!

  3. Only time has the answer a day in YCEC

  4. Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events. Even though I joined lately, My CCT project is performing well and I am learning more things. I hope Good Luck to me!

  5. Anonymous

    13.07.2017 · Reply

    Other people say time is money
    Thanks Campus -Manager, to remind us about how to utilise time at right time in a right moment

  6. This announcement was like a clicking sound in my brain to do something

  7. Congratulation to all winners

  8. Great definition of time. Thank you campus administrator for the reminders

  9. Very important. If I have my way, I would prefer to be in the campus platform on daily basis learning from all the resources but because I have to share the laptop with my mother, I cant help but be in the platform every other day. Even then, I enjoy every bit of my engagement in the platform, learning and lifting others with my votes and comments

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