The Importance of a Single Vote!


The voting process has started here at the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition and our Campus Members are all excited!
But, why it is important to vote even if your idea or project was not accepted?

There are many reasons why:

  1. You support the best ideas / projects

It is very important to give a vote to an idea or project you think is a good one and has possibilities to be implemented in the reality. Since the voting process is open to the public, some people can get undeserved votes and better ideas that are running in this competition can be left behind. That’s why we need your votes!

  1. You support innovation and change

The selected ideas and projects have been selected by taking into account many criteria, among them the innovation and the change that an idea can bring to a community or country. This is very crucial for the development of poor communities and we believe change comes from youth, so if you consider any idea to be innovative, don’t hesitate to VOTE for it! You can become part of change, indirectly!

  1. You support a dream

This competition is about dreamers and young ambitious people who think they can change the world by first bringing change to their communities. Many of the accepted ideas / projects are now very important to the people who submitted them and they are hoping to get your VOTE. Just a single Vote can motivate them further to start implementing their ideas / projects even if they don’t make it to the finals.

  1. You give value to the world

Only people of value are able to give value to others and the world. As Einstein said once: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” By voting the most valuable ideas / projects you are adding value and contributing to the future of many people, although this might seem very utopic at the beginning.

Source: Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

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  1. Thank you campus competition. It is really in recognition of this that I really do not use my daily 15minutes to vote only my idea. I use it to ensure that I vote other ideas eventhough we are all in a competition. We rise by lifting others my mummy use to say

  2. Wao this has really spur me to continue to use my daily 15 minutes to support other participants rather voting only my idea. Really, it does not make any sense that I have 15 minutes to vote every day and i just voted only my idea that does not take up to 30seconds to do so. For me it is selfishness.

    I encourage campus members to vote for one another. We rise by lifting others

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