The Importance of Social Media for Startups

The cornerstone of every successful startup and the launch of the company is actually a great and carefully thought out social media strategy. We can’t escape the fact that social media isn’t just for fun anymore. For the longest time, companies have seen the potential of social media platforms and used it to their advantage. But how?

Stimulate Your Audience with Your Brand

Social media enables you to not only introduce your new brand to the public but if it’s carefully packaged it is supposed to get your audience excited about your company and products. It’s a powerful and effective way to create a unique experience that will get the audience engaged and share your products or services with the rest of the world. Whether it’s a beauty brand selling makeup products, or a florist selling get well soonhampers, they can all use their unique brand vision and coin a story that’s going to attract clients and get them excited. This can boost your popularity in a matter of days or even hours, which is a huge benefit for small startups who are on a tight budget and need to boost their status as soon as possible.

Zoom in on the Needs of Your Target Audience

Marketing tools help you get a better understanding of what impacts your audience and what they actually need. It’s not just about forcing your brand onto the audience and advertising your product or service. Social media actually enables you to understand what your audience needs. It’s about providing them with the right information and solution to their problems. And by carefully monitoring analytics you’re able to exactly define what they might need from your brand.

Get Insight on How to Outdo Your Competition

Social media tools give you a detailed overview of the success of your strategy. You can analyze content and statistics in real time, and optimize your content on the go. Track leads and sales and generate new ones based on what you’re getting as a result. You also get insight into what your competitors are doing and what’s working for them. Not only can you learn a lot from your mistakes, but from theirs as well, and improve your brand as you go.

Easily Find New Customers

Different social media channels give you an opportunity to spread your messages just about anywhere in the world. In the process of marketing your brand, you’ll join tons of Twitter chats, communicate via various Facebook groups and share significant images on Instagram that will reach customers you didn’t know existed via just using relevant hashtags.


Develop valuable content, an attractive story and start building your audience. This millennium is all about quick and efficient communication, and selling and advertising on social media is an important part of any business strategy.


Source/photos: The Asian Entrepreneur

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  1. Anonymous

    19.06.2016 · Reply

    The world has gone digital thus the importance of social media for business startup cannot be downplayed.

  2. The importance of social media indeed can not be overemphasize. As one of my channels in delivering Eduheal programmes I have really learnt how to garner traction using the channel. I do not know homany campus members will use social media as one of their delivery channels, I encourage you to read this article and learn how to be succesful in engaging your audience thro social media platform.

  3. Social media (facebooks, instagram, twitter, whatsApp) are great channels of marketing in contemporary society. However, its important to understand how to reap social media benefits for our start ups. This article has highlighted this and I encourage campus members to take advantage of the resources provided for us in this platform so that we will understand what to do while we are in the competition and after the competition

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