The People’s Choice Award Winners 2016

We are happy to announce the two winners for the People’s Choice Award 2016 in both categories. With the most votes in each category, these ideas were chosen by all of you:

People’s Choice in “Best Idea 2016”:


This idea was submitted by Lakshya Pawan Shyam from India

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People’s Choice in “Best Project 2016”:

JOYDELY Solar Back Packs for providing light at night and charging cellphones from TANZANIA

This project was submitted by Deodatus Goodluck from Tanzania

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Congratulations to both entrepreneurs and we wish you good luck with your ideas and projects!


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  1. Profile photo of Martin/Nyefene

    Thank you for updating us. Information is indeed important to appreciate what is going on. I wish the winners the best of luck in the remaining aspects of this competition.
    BRAVO!! winners.

  2. Profile photo of Deodatus Goodluck

    I’m very grateful for this good information.

  3. felix yola

    30.09.2016 · Reply

    Congratulations to winners!

  4. Profile photo of Hafsa ALAnsari

    Congratulation for both of u.
    all the best.

  5. Profile photo of Elia

    Congratulations to winners

  6. hashim kimario

    02.10.2016 · Reply

    congratulations to all winners dont give up

  7. Profile photo of Joseph Ludovick

    Congratulations to winners… All the best. You worked hard and keep the same good spirit).

    (What is the award for people’s choice on best Project and Best idea? Where shall they receive the awards? Berlin or home?)

  8. Profile photo of Hafsa ALAnsari

    Congratulation for both of u.
    all the best.

  9. felix yola

    09.10.2016 · Reply

    Hello, can we please be updated on the status of the competition to this far?

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