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Time to Announce the Winners

Congratulation to the 2017 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Winners!
We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 edition of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Categories in the Best Ideas and Best Projects categories:

Best Ideas

Grand Prize Winner
By Shuhra Koofi

Second Prize Winner
By Otaigo Elisha
United Republic of Tanzania

Third Prize Winner
Firanbek Robele
United Kingdom

Best Projects

Grand Prize Winner
By Kevin Morales Chamorro

Second Prize Winner
By Emmanuel Douglas Turkson

Third Prize Winners
1. Preventing Childhood Malaria death in rural Gungu and malaria care international center
By Louison Mbombo

2. CCT – Cities Controlling App for Cities Waste Controlling, Crime, Incident and Emergency Reporting
By Abdisa Bencha Jara


People’s Choice Awards

Best Ideas 2017 People’s Choice Award

By Otaigo Elisha
United Republic of Tanzania


Best Project 2017 People’s Choice Award

Preventing Childhood Malaria death in rural Gungu and malaria care international center
By Louison Mbombo


Congratulations to all the winners!

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  1. Hello, Congratulations to the winners, you all deserve to receive them, You’re just representing us but for sure we are all winners,the competition is over but our new efforts and progress are just at the beginning.Thanks to this platform for this competition because am now not the same after joining the platform.
    All the best.

  2. Congratulations to you guyz. My special rejoice goes to the Grand Prize Winner:
    By Shuhra Koofi

    I could recall that two of us exchanged ideas on comments and notifications in which I am proud of being in your group.

    Foreward ever————————–‘———————————————————–
    I promise to find a unique problem to solve in my community, by 2018 YCEC Competition.

  3. Congratulations to all!!!

  4. Sanyii

    22.10.2017 · Reply

    Congratulations to all! The final result shows how hard the developing world youth is determined to address world class worrisome. Hopefully,organizers will give due emphasis on fortifying the competition rewards strive hard forward….

  5. Thank you all for making this happen.

  6. Godfred

    22.10.2017 · Reply

    Congratulations Ms Emmanuel D. Turkson on wining the second best project.# Reach higher heights. #Education is key to eradicating poverty# Wish you get some partners and resources to help expand the project# cheerss# Congratulations!!!

  7. I am really proud of entrepreneurship-campus. Thank you all for making this Happen. I advice the youth to keep moving forward. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  8. Hello, I hope this finds all of you well.
    Please can someone share with me the email address of the campus manager. my email is [email protected].
    I want to know when the winners of the competition will receive their certificate and how.
    What is next after winning the competition?
    Is there any package I should know?
    thank you

  9. I think sponsoring a competition like enterpreneurship will help many young professional mostly those who are in a startup stage. One cannot be a professional without experience and skills such as writing,reading,talking,group discussion, etc.

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