Voting and commenting period has ended for the competition year 2013/2014

Thank you to each one of you who participated in the competition. The voting and commenting period has come to a close.
However, you are cordially encouraged to further take the entrepreneurship courses at the Entrepreneurship Campus!
We will publish the People’s Choice Award winners in the Best Ideas and Best Projects categories shortly!

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  1. rachita kansal

    01.08.2014 · Reply

    Thanks for up-to-date information. Waiting !

  2. Mitul Kansal

    01.08.2014 · Reply

    Thanks ! Please keep us informative constantly in the future !

    • abo-Albraa/Abdalla

      17.08.2014 · Reply

      i am very happy to apart of this competition . l well be in touch

  3. thank you very much………waiting for results

  4. Paul odhiambo

    02.08.2014 · Reply

    thanks for providing this platform for us, for giving us a chance to refine our idea and projects. what i have learnt is competition is enough to see my idea through even if i don’t make it in the second phase of this competition. thanks and keep it up!!

  5. rachita kansal

    02.08.2014 · Reply

    Please published all nominated best ideas/projects in e-book available on line free of cost to every youth all over the world !
    With best regards,

  6. Mitul Kansal

    02.08.2014 · Reply

    I fully support the idea of Rachita Kansal regarding the publication of e-book containing nominated best ideas/projects 2013/2014, because for the human race to survive peacefully and honorably, it is necessary that the youth of the world must be encouraged to attempt more and more from innovative and creative thinking which have best favourable effects.
    With deep regards,
    Mitul kansal[India]

  7. Mubiru Stephen Nelson

    03.08.2014 · Reply

    We appreciate all done during the voting period,we await all that is coming out and we shall continue to spread the word concerning the competition.My best regards to all those who participated in the competition,i wish you good luck.

  8. rachita kansal

    05.08.2014 · Reply

    When will the results of People’s Choice Awards Winners be declared ? Just waiting !

  9. Mitul Kansal

    05.08.2014 · Reply

    Please, wait for some period! Do not loose your temper !
    Always remember : Slow and steady wins the race !

  10. Müller Nandou

    06.08.2014 · Reply

    Thanks for the professionalism.we stay tune and keep in touch.

  11. rachita kansal

    07.08.2014 · Reply

    I hope that Youth Competition Team will also render its valuable services to prompt feelings of human values among our younger generation.
    Best regards,
    Rachita kansal{INDIA}

  12. Mitul Kansal

    07.08.2014 · Reply

    “Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition” is an excellence platform for communication. Effective communication will strengthen your existing relationship and help you to form positive bonds in future interactions with all the participants.I congratulate you for doing good job.

  13. Thanks for a great platform. When can we expect the results or any announcements. Also can we change the video that we have uploaded earlier.

    Rahul Yadav

  14. manokarthi somasundaram

    10.08.2014 · Reply

    Waiting for

  15. manokarthi somasundaram

    10.08.2014 · Reply


  16. Mitul Kansal

    10.08.2014 · Reply

    Please introduce “suggestion/Complaint ” box on the front page of the website so that participants having any suggestion/complaint could send you confidentially.
    Thanks for your cooperation !

  17. rachita kansal

    10.08.2014 · Reply

    As the competition ended, what will the organisers do with the best ideas/projects in future ? What are planning ?

  18. Mitul Kansal

    10.08.2014 · Reply

    Can this competition be helpful in getting jobs by unemployed youth in their respective countries to which they belong ?

  19. rachita kansal

    11.08.2014 · Reply

    To celebrate “International Youth Day”, today there is an urgent need to discuss the major problems faced by young girls in their daily life all over the world. We should pledge to give and provide them security ,good education,employment and honorable life so that they become the pride of our society.
    Best wishes to all youth woman community on this day!

  20. Mitul Kansal

    11.08.2014 · Reply

    On the eve of’International Youth Day’, there is an need of accomplishment of empowering and engaging the world youth in the sustainable development work.If youth is given an opportunity to do work, i believe he will leave no stone to the entire satisfaction of the whole world community.Best wishes from India !

  21. Mitul Kansal

    11.08.2014 · Reply

    Young Entrepreneurs who have good and innovative ideas and also want to establish small business must be have zero new tax facility for their new start-up.They must be exempted from value added tax and income tax for the period of three years from their creation.They must be provided loan at the reasonable minimum interest-rate.

  22. rachita kansal

    11.08.2014 · Reply

    Well-known industrial institutes should provide industrial training free of cost to female youth for at least 40 days and maximum three months.

  23. Mitul Kansal

    14.08.2014 · Reply

    My heartiest congratulations to the winners of People’s Choice Award:- Rahul Yadav & Mish Dev.
    Why not Winners of 2nd, 3rd and other prizes in People’s choice Category .Please announce the all prize winners in People’s choice Category at the earliest, if possible.Every participant want to know the full result in details.
    Thanks for your kind cooperation.

  24. rachita kansal

    14.08.2014 · Reply

    First of all,i congratulate to the winners of People’s choice Award : Mish Dev [ideas] &Rahul Yadav [projects], whose names were clear in our mind since July 31,2014 according to the number of votes they have got.Now the question is Why Competition Team did took so long period to announce the winners on August 14,2014 instead of August 1,2014 date already fixed.Why ! Why! WHY!…….
    If my words hurt you, please pardon me.
    with Best Regards,
    Rachita {INDIA}

  25. Mitul Kansal

    14.08.2014 · Reply

    Please make the arrangements to upload and update all the nominated best ideas/ projects in accordance with the number of votes from highest to lowest serial-wise.Your kind cooperation is appreciable in this respect.
    With best regards,

  26. rachita kansal

    14.08.2014 · Reply

    Respected sirs,
    Would you like to publish the list of all the SAVED IDEAS{1216} & BEST PROJECTS{434} on your website page? I think that the publication of saved ideas/projects will be helpful to encourage and guide the participants seeking to take part in the next competition.Hoping a positive response from your behalf !
    With best wishes,

  27. Kingsley Omamurieme Oboro

    14.08.2014 · Reply

    I have truly been very busy with my project and I want to say that I appreciate the comments I have seen here so far. Meanwhile, I want to say that I am in support of the Projects and Ideas that were published not ending here. It will be a welcome development if persons are to be informed of this project and ideas.

  28. Kingsley Omamurieme Oboro

    14.08.2014 · Reply

    This Competition has created an enabling forum for a lot of persons to connect. The Entrepreneurship Campus remains one field of networking that is truly making us share ideas and concepts.

  29. rachita kansal

    15.08.2014 · Reply

    Whether will all the participants whose nominated ideas/projects have been published be awarded “CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION/HONOR by the respectable ‘Competition Organizers’.
    Thanks !

  30. Mitul Kansal

    16.08.2014 · Reply

    please publish the name and title of video presentation submitted by top 10 entries in both categories so that we could view them !
    thanks !

  31. Thanks for given us the opportunity to showcase our projects.

  32. rachita kansal

    18.08.2014 · Reply

    I think that today there are more challenges to be faced by women in every day lives , so there is an need of organizing ‘Woman Entrepreneurship Day / Year ‘ at International level every year.

  33. Mitul Kansal

    18.08.2014 · Reply

    As for as i think, if a youth wants to become a successful entrepreneur he must not be only creative & innovative in his study period but he must do part-time job in order to get practical- entrepreneurship-training so that in future he could receive positive response/invitation from Big Entrepreneurship Group to prove his talent.

  34. John Gbabo

    18.08.2014 · Reply

    as an African its quite difficult for us to innovate,we mostly pay for these innovations. it will be really good to see young Africans who can innovate,and create new things. I am really looking forward to it.

  35. Mitul Kansal

    19.08.2014 · Reply

    Every nation should create more & more jobs for women entrepreneurs to ensure equality for them with men and a guaranty of safety &security for the women workers.

  36. rachita kansal

    19.08.2014 · Reply

    it is needed to make arrangements for creating and ensuring comfortable working conditions for women workers in offices and companies it will increase their efficiency to work , so they will feel better.

  37. Heartiest congratulations to the winners !
    Waiting for the announcement of 10 Finalists in each category.

  38. My heartiest congratulations to both winners !

    I think that there should be more People’s Choice Awards for participants in each category.Besides, one main prize, i think it is needed to introduce 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes in each category , your this step will encourage the other youth to take part in the competition actively.Hoping a positive response from your behalf !

  39. Thanks a ton to the “Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition” team at for the great honor and recognition. The training and guidance has further motivated us to work harder to make a difference to the people battling around us.

  40. My heartiest congratulations to both winners !

    yaa im agreeing with rachita. you should take top20 from each category for finals so,the world will get most best idea.

  41. Hello Guys
    Congratulation, but to be honest people’s votes don’t mean the project or idea is the best one or simply a good one.
    That only subject the facilities the competitors has, the friends network size or time put into social media to request vote from strangers or group.
    Of course i myself asked my friends to vote for my idea, then i realized that most of then did not even read my project! so what is the point and value of those vote? just increase the digit on the screen and give me fictive glory?
    I believe what is valuable is the positive impact of the idea or project can have on the communities. Even if for many possible reason a project got only few votes it can be much better project than the one who got thousands of votes.
    I don’t said the people’s choice are bad projects i just explain and try to balance the reality of votes online.
    My best for all

  42. Big Big, it’s amazing to know that more than one million of people visited the official web page.Congratulation to all the team of YOUTH CITIZEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPETITION, the Partners GOI PEACE FOUNDATION, STIFTUNG ENTREPRENEURSHIP, with the prietiest institutional support of UNESCO and the others partners. GOD bless you all and also all the participants from all over the world. BIG BIG THANKS

  43. Hi Rahul
    Thanks for putting into fruition this dream. Like democracy I feel health to has to be
    For the people, Of the people and By the people.
    May god give you the luck and breaks to carry this mission onwards. Coming from a resource constrained setting . This effort can be a beacon to the group and needs emulation

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