What Is Holding You Back from Achieving Your Goal?

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We all think about that idea or project that has been on our mind for a long time. We make plans in our heads, think about hundreds of ways to make it better and how to get the best results, and that’s all. We hesitate to take the first step or to say I will start now. No, tomorrow is our escape.

Why does this happen?

There’s a rule in communication sciences. When you have the right answer for a question but you don’t say it, it’s like it never crossed your mind.
It’s the same with ideas. They are answers to problems or issues that frustrate us. Many people come up with the same idea at the same time, but those who try to make it into a real product or service are just a few.
What makes them do it? They’re not special, they are more determined.

Humans excel on finding excuses such as I’m always busy or I don’t have time, or skills, or money, or someone else did this before and failed.
Sometimes it depends on the mood and point of view. People feel challenged and decide to find the time, gain the skills, even find angel investors for their ideas, and face the risk of failure.

We all know ourselves, our good and bad habits. We can start by identifying the bad ones and trying to develop good habits. It’s strange how small actions help develop good habits and pursue the path to success.

Do it in a few steps:
Identify good and bad habits
Identify what triggers the bad habits
Decide what you want to change and how

Remember that forming good habits requires determination. When you achieve it, you’’ understand how powerful tools those tiny positive actions can be.

Afterward, you will find the time to get everything done and to work with your idea or project.
The sooner, the best it would be to start taking action. Don’t say that you’re not ready. Age brings greater responsibilities. This is why young people are encouraged to take action and to have their voices heard. They have the time advantage and are ready to attempt the impossible.

Here at the Entrepreneurship Campus, you can learn how to gain the skills needed for an entrepreneurial mindset. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, responsibility, various abilities, and courage to take risks when needed. Yet, it is important knowing that everyone can take the path if he or she has access to entrepreneurial knowledge.

Hence, if you introduce good habits and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, it would be easier to start working on your idea.
You will also have the chance to test yourself as an entrepreneur through the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.
Submit your idea or project or share the opportunity with your friends.

Image by Ivana Divisova from Pixabay

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  1. Mervin Kamchacha

    16.04.2019 · Reply

    Wow… I have been inspired. Indeed, sometimes our excuses hold us back from achieving our goals and instead of achieving it for a short period of time, then it takes us years to achieve it

  2. Dennisk Masina

    30.04.2019 · Reply

    …..Awesome, this is raw and sound more doable, thank you so much much for such profound context

  3. Very true. We have excellent ideas but luck of determination take us no where . The problem with us young entrepreneurs is that we focus much on problems than solution. We even put much emphasis on our ‘problems not to achieve’ than on ‘solutions to achieve’. Please we need to use this opportunity of online campus training to face our fears.
    Remember fear of failure is fear of success.

  4. That’s true. We have to make in action what we have in our mind, what we think, and try to do it better. So we have to help one another in order to accomplish our Targets.

  5. The only enemy we have as entrepreneurs are ourselves. I’ll keep pushing myself until I get results. Thanks guys.

  6. Positivity for all

  7. Great topic. It is very true, sometimes we get discouraged because of the failures of others, but reading this has equipped me to step up.
    Thank you very much.

    Please I need your support.

    I am Lomotey Francis Korsi,
    My idea, “Positive Change”, was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Ideas 2019 category. Please read my idea at https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/ideas/22/13692 and consider supporting my idea with comments and votes!
    Thank you.

  8. Powerful! Just like one of my life nuggets, it says if there are no enemies within, the enemies outside can’t hold you back. So, whatever ideas you have nurtured, you are a step closer to achieving it if only you can be more tactful and leverage on the network you have gathered. This life is a race, no one will notice you until you have done extraordinary that will make people stop and look at the person who has done such. So if you know where you have kept your book of ideas, get up and pick it up and start working. No doubt, if you have no clue, this is a platform that can reawaken and shape your dream.

    Don’t just be a dreamer, be a dreamer of achiever.


  9. The same problem i face every time. Sometimes i have the best answer but are not confident to say it. But from last few months i’m like i have to say whats in my mind. I’ve determined more by this platform. Thanks a lot

  10. This article is quite edcating and motivating. However, why self is a major hinderance to entrepreneurship, it is still not quite easy kicking up one’s idea as intended being in a developing country like Nigeria. People dont seem to encourage one another to excel in ideas. For instance, I have an idea, which and I have applied most of the successful rules learnt from the campus competion so far like filling the pipeline sales, getting the concept register with the necessary authorities and have all neceassry structure in place to actually kick start the implementation of the idea. A loan application of just $5000 with my bank was made since, 19th july, 2020 and to date, the funds is yet to be available. This is quite frustrating having file in all the necessary papers and the bank even approving only $22,500 but yet unable to grant me the fund almost 2 months after request.

    So it is really difficult in this side of the global.

  11. “Wow… I have been inspired. Indeed, sometimes our excuses hold us back from achieving our goals and instead of achieving it for a short period of time, then it takes us years to achieve it”

    I totally agree with Mervin opinion on this.

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