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Free Entrepreneurship Game

Dear entrepreneurs, changemakers and creative problem solvers,

For 10 years, the book “BRAINS versus CAPITAL’: Entrepreneurship for Everyone – Lean, Smart, Simple” is a bestseller in Germany. This online training here is based on the book. Now we dare to do something new:

‘BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ as a Game – Let’s play!

'BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ Game, played at German Jordanian University

‘BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ Game, played at German Jordanian University

This game was developed to teach the topic of entrepreneurship in an interactive way and with joy. It’s a fun way to learn the key principles of Professor Faltin’s book:

  • Develop a very good concept – regardless of whether you are good at technology or management and have a lot of capital or a good network.
  • Test your concept early on (Proof of Concept)
  • Start with existing components instead of building everything in-house.
'BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ Game

‘BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ Game

Through this game, you learn to design a business model, which you present to the others who will give you valuable feedback. Develop your teamwork, creativity and presentation skills!

We take collaborative action for a better world – together with YOU!

'BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ Game

‘BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ Game

You can download the game for free here:

Print it, cut it out and find some like-minded creative people to play it!

What you still need to organize a few things:

  • Two dice (You may borrow it from other games)
  • One piece / counter per person (You may borrow it from other games)
  • Pens or pencils
  • Post-Its (I recommend small ones)
  • A stopwatch (use a 1-minute hourglass or a timer on a mobile phone)
You can find a Youtube Playlist in which I explain the Game here, with English subtitles.
'BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ Game

‘BRAINS versus CAPITAL’ Game

We are happy to present the game here. We already tested it at the Entrepreneurship Summit, deGUT, German Jordanian University, Impact Hub, Startup Salzburg Weekend and


However it is still work in progress. If you have any feedback, questions or ideas to improve it, we are happy to hear from you. Please use the form below for this – Thank you!

Feedback for the Entrepreneurship Game

Why play games?

Games are a powerful learning tool because they allow people to gain experience, and help people learn better visually and interacting with others. As players, we playfully learn to develop strategies of becoming better entrepreneurs. Learning by intuition,and having fun developing new unconventional ideas.

The “Brain vs Capital” game creates a forum in which elementary decisions for concept development and reasons are simulated. The results of these decisions can be seen immediately afterwards. In support of the Entrepreneurship Foundation Mission – to develop a „culture of Entrepreneurship” in the world – the game allows adults and children to actively participate in a game that reflects concept development with a variety of opportunities and changes.



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  1. The game is very simple and funny and we can play alone, too. It is designed to convey the concept of entrepreneurship with fun.

  2. This is an interesting exercise. It looks exciting and would be a good addition to any library.

  3. Mac Mogul

    01.11.2019 · Reply

    Will be useful in teaching at youth center

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