Getting Started in Social Entrepreneurship

The world of social entrepreneurship is growing as well as its impact on the local and global economy. Social entrepreneurs offer an attractive model that meets social needs through the help of innovation. This model appeals to young people all over the world. This new way of doing business by focusing on the social good and social causes is taking off in many countries. Yet the question is: where to begin?
Every one of us faces economic, political, and societal challenges, but not all of us focus on possible solutions. The reasons why people start a business vary. Some see an opportunity and seize it and others want to make a change. Both cases can be based on desire and passion for achieving a final goal, with the only difference is that for some it is profit and success, while to others it is social impact and positive change. A social entrepreneur measures the impact of her/his initiative based on the way how it helps the people and the planet.
The answer to the above-mentioned question is easy to get. Look around and you’ll see hundreds of problems that need and can be solved.
In the moment when you have a mission or a cause and a strong desire to make it real, the chances of succeeding are higher. This is one of the key principles of a successful business model on social entrepreneurship.

What about the next steps?

Many social entrepreneurs have said the same thing. Money is the main barrier that they face. The second problem that they mention (every type of enterprise mentions) is the lack of talent.
Concerning money. Yes, a social business can generate revenues, but on the other hand, don’t expect that people to spend a lot of money on your product only because it may have a social impact. You need the right business mindset in order to run an idea. Just offer a product or service that people need and will buy. Moreover, your enterprise or venture needs to be sustained.
The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition can help future entrepreneurs in various ways. Here you can become part of a large community of young people from all over the world. Besides, learning from each other, you can attend the free online courses offered by the Entrepreneurship Campus. The courses help you to build an entrepreneurial mindset and gain new skills. You can learn how to open up an idea, how to work out an entrepreneurial design, how to recombine what already exists in order to innovate. You may find a lot of potential in yourself.
This is your chance for learning about social entrepreneurship and trying to launch your own initiative. If you already have an idea or a project, you can submit to this edition of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition until July 31. You can also spread the word about this opportunity to friends and people that have a keen interest in entrepreneurship.

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  1. Indeed the campus community has been really impactful, I have personally learnt how to focus on creating innovative solutions that are sustainable. All thanks to the YCEC.

  2. I have faced to the societal challenge trying to improve the quality of life of the people in my country , with the help of online course in Entrepreurship campus i realize what really motivates the founder to projects or ideas .Thanks to the YCEC for the free online course , we can or not win the competition surely we will be able to mindset and gain new skills usefull for our life and future opportunities.

  3. This competition has complectly changed the way I see things as well as handling them.the online courses has really made and impact on my life as well as the life’s of my fellow citizens.thank you for giving the youth of this world such opportunities because this is really helpful.kind regards

  4. Anonymous

    12.07.2017 · Reply

    Fantastic, article

    It’s true that, as article states that many entrepreneur mention money as barriers

    Opportunities differs From one country to another, the challenge facing youth in developing countries differ from developed countries

    In financial institutions, in developing countries are not friendly with young entrepreneur but in developed countries are friendly

    So due to that factor, young entrepreneur in developing countries need more efforts and more strategic to achieve the goal

    Thanks for educated tips

  5. oguta job francis

    13.07.2017 · Reply

    Foe real i keep learning everytime i read an article here, i wish i had know this even earlier. Thanks to the organizers and sponsors.

  6. Anonymous

    16.07.2017 · Reply

    Awesomely constructed! It’s true that Entrepreneurs have different reasons they start up businesses. A concrete lesson derived from this article is that we have and need to identify social problems associated with our societies, and tend to solve them.

    Also, the challenges faced by Entrepreneurs can never be overemphasized, ranging from financial aspects to development of Ideas that could bring about Social Changes.

    Thank you, YCEC for giving me this great opportunity to broaden my knowledge to new entrepreneurial horizons.

  7. great article. very inspire subject to me. love it. will read again and again

  8. Oluwadamilola Balogun

    19.07.2017 · Reply

    Having an idea is not enough. It has to be innovative and also of a business mindset. People need to see the sustainability of the idea alongside the value for them to buy the idea.

  9. Everybody looks but a few see. The ability to see opportunities in all problems is an essential and critical factor to shape our world.Having an idea isn’t enough but going an extra mile to be innovative with your ideas with the aim of effecting great social impact in the society is essential.

  10. This is another great article on social entrepreneur. Thank you campus administrator for sharing this post

  11. Yes there are several problems that need solutions even in our immediate environment. These preblems need to be attended to and it is social entrepreneurs among others that can make this happen.

    Thank you for sharing campus administrator

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