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Why Do We Need to Study Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship education

Our schools and their classical curricula are missing something really important in terms of entrepreneurial education. As Gunter Faltin says in his book “Brains versus Capital” in the real world of the market, decisions are always made under conditions of uncertainty, while the school is a system of certainty. In the meantime, the future is unknown and we don’t know for sure what social and economic systems the next generations will live in.

Therefore, it is important to teach youth the necessary skills that allow them to deal with the uncertain conditions in their lives both personal and professional. Entrepreneurship education is essential and has been taught not only in high schools but even in kindergartens and elementary schools. Children and young people are inspired, they learn critical thinking, how to empathize with others, communication and collaboration skills, risk-taking, the good side of failure, and persistence.

Benefits of entrepreneurship education

  • It benefits all kids no matter their socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Promotes social equality and justice
  • It teaches them how failure makes people more creative and innovative
  • It promotes social and emotional well-being
  • It helps people to demonstrate proficiency in real life
  • Entrepreneurs have greater control on their destiny and this makes them more satisfied
  • It helps to grow individuals that want to take action and make a difference

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have never been excellent students. On the other hand, excellent students tend to have high-paying jobs and work for someone else.
Elon Musk says: “Don’t confuse schooling with education. I didn’t go to Harvard, but the people that work for me did.”

“New ideas need places where it’s possible to have openness, fresh approaches, and experimentation. Recognizing and promoting the individual’s specific capabilities, recognizing and accepting idiosyncrasies have actually long been the concern of sound pedagogical theory,” Faltin says in ‘Brains versus Capital’.

The content for the free lessons offered by the Entrepreneurship Campus is also taken from this book. You can take advantage of the free lessons if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur. You can learn how to identify problems and also see a solution to every issue. People all over the world face numerous issues and millions of children, especially girls are denied education. If they gain an entrepreneurial mindset they will be able to empower themselves and people around them. You can be one of these young entrepreneurs. If the people around you are looking for someone to make a difference, you can grab this opportunity. Be part of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2018 with your ideas and projects.

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  1. This is basically one of the top priority agenda that I have put forth in both my campus profile and one of the projects I intend to implement which is introducing entrepreneurship in school going children as a subject in my home country Zambia. The countries with the best economy in the world were built by entrepreneurs, one of the best examples is that of the USA industrial revolution which has changed and revolutionized how we do business and the positive impact still apply up to date. There so many opportunities in my home country and because our education system do not allow for innovative thinking many complete their degrees and wait for the government to provide jobs. Foreigners are the ones benefiting at the expense of the locals. We need to advocate for change of education system into more practical than theory and also include entrepreneurship as a core subject in school going children.

    • @ campus administrator and muyunga,that’s actually a nice idea.i hope to consider it in polishing my project.I look forward to helping out the kids on the streets of Nigeria with access to education as well as our aged parents that weren’t fortunate to be educated in their early days and I look forward to making entrepreneurial study part of the curriculum.thanks for this idea.

  2. The benefits of entrepreneurs that really caught my attention is this “Entrepreneurs have greater control on their destiny and this makes them more satisfied”. I want to know where I am going not someone else telling me where to go.

  3. As we all know from the UN, long ago, more than half of the world’s population is young. Including, respectively, at the age of less than 30 years. Unfortunately, a lot of kids are left to themselves. That is, they are brought up by the “street”. In some parts of the world, child labor is used. Accordingly, it follows that it is necessary to devote more time to the younger generation. Because this is the guarantee of a stable and peaceful future. Therefore, any educational initiatives, as well as training entrepreneurship at an early age, will enable them to get a good base of skills and practical knowledge. What will allow to maneuver and adapt in those or other difficult economic situations.

  4. Teaching children the basics of entrepreneurship motivates them to think creatively and that will help them think about their future and society issues in a different way and this leads to the creation of a pioneering generation that builds the future of the world

  5. Entrepreneurship is the bedrock of every economy, this lessens the burden on government thus, balanced efficiency,effectiveness, and efficacy can be sustained

  6. Every country must encourage entrepreneurship for there to be development. Any country not doing this is not concerned with the welfare and development of it citizens.


    03.08.2019 · Reply

    Entrepreneurship is a derived forced behind a country economy development , there is a need to impart entrepreneurial spirit to impact for the forwardness of the country.


      31.08.2019 · Reply

      Entrepreneurship is the act of inculcating in a person the attitude and ability that will make the person become aware of the person has potential and acting on his or her own benefit and the benefit of others. Entrepreneurship is more s job ,it is more than the acquiring physical like plumbing ,serving typing etc.Ronald Reagan 1985_ in his speech title “The greatest game in town is business,” while he was addressing some American entrepreneurs made this statement .:we have lived through the age of big industries an the age of giant corporations but we believe that this is age of entrepreneur. the age of individuals that is where the nations prosperity is coming from and that is where bit is going to come from future . summoned up courage and start a business of your own. while some of you may fail a surprising number will succeed ,and become financially independent self fulfilled and beyond your wildest dreams
      Entrepreneurship contribute significantly to the economic growth of any country in the following areas::1
      Employment generation. 2.foreign exchange conservation . 3.effective utilization of domestic resources all have significantly contributed to developing economic in the use of local resources especially in agric and manufacturing business .

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